Marquette University Geofilter

This Geofilter encompasses the entire campus of Marquette University. Based upon the National Parks Geofilters, this filter incorporates many aspects of Marquette in a clean and simple way.



  • Big East – Marquette Athletics perform in the Big East conference
  • MKE – Marquette is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which is abbreviated MKE. The background is a loose representation of the People’s Flag of Milwaukee
  • 1881 – The year Marquette was established
  • “We Are” – A motto/chant of Marquette is “We Are Marquette”
  • AMDG – Marquette University is a Jesuit institution. “AMDG” stands for Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, latin for “For the Greater Glory of God,” a Jesuit motto
  • Ring Out Ahoya – The Marquette Fight Song
  • “Be The Difference” – Along with “We Are Marquette,” “Be The Difference” is a school motto.
  • WI – Marquette is located in Wisconsin
  • Eagle – Marquette’s mascot is the Golden Eagles